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Work with Azure diagnostics data in Excel

AD2Excel is an add-in for Excel 2013 that enables the import of Windows Azure diagnostics data directly from a predefined Azure Table Storage service into Excel. This allows users to work with the diagnostics data, generating charts and PivotTables, as well as exporting the data to various file formarts. The add-in is useful for developers and system administrators that work actively with Windows Azure and need to monitor the performance of Azure instances.

The add-in integrates with Excel 2013 and works as a ribbon with features that enable users to download Azure diagnostics data directly into the active Excel worksheet.

Please refer to the Documentation section for a guide on how to get started with AD2Excel.

Get Started

Getting started is easy. Check out the step-by-step guide to get going within minutes!

Contributors Needed

The AD2Excel project needs contributors to enhance current and develop new features for the add-in. Please contact Sebastian Brandes directly to get involved with the project.

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